Speed Hose & Tools Kit

Part No. VAC-026

iCentral Speed Hose allows you to control the motor speed from gentle suction for curtains and delicates to full suction for carpets/floors.

Speed Hose & Tools Kit including:

VAC-011 9m Speed Control Hose
VAC-014 Telescopic wand, chrome
VAC-018 Hose Hanger, Plastic
VAC-030 Hard Floor Brush - black
VAC-142 Wessel Luxury Combination brush
VAC-032 Deluxe crevice tool, premium - black
VAC-035 Dusting/Upholstery brush winged

For use with compatible iCentral and Valet power units including VAC-129 Valet V2SC, VAC-130 Valet V3SC, VAC-131 Valet V4SC and VAC-288 Valet V-TEN.

The supplied hose suits all iCentral and Valet two-pin wall valves (this covers most modern valves).

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Speed Hose & Tools Kit