TK4 Max-Flo™ Turbo Brush

Part No. VAC-379

Exclusive to iCentral and VALET, TK4 Max-Flo™ is designed specifically to cope with modern high-density carpets.

As many new carpet owners have discovered, most floor tools suffer from ‘vacuum stick’ on high-density ‘soft’ carpets, making it almost impossible to push the vacuum head along the carpet. In fact most rotating turbo heads will barely rotate or completely stall rendering an expensive drag-around cleaner useless. 

The secret to TK4 Max-Flo’s exceptional performance is a result of Valet’s more than 50 years industry experience coupled with advanced computer modelling and precision laser engineering to provide the best airflow possible on even the densest carpet pile.

• High airflow turbo brush
• Compatible with all iCentral and Valet central vacuum fittings
• Can also be used with portable vacuums (35mm adapter supplied)
• Air-driven rotating brush agitates and sweeps dirt into the vacuum flow
• 270mm cleaning head width
• Front roller + rear wheel design for high manoeuvrability around furniture
• Suitable for high-density carpets known as Smartstrand, Silk Trends, Triexta, Redbook Green, Mohawk ... and other soft pile carpets

Supplied with a 32mm to 35mm adaptor allowing TK-4 Max-Flo to used with many portable vacuums.
Note. iCentral and Valet central vacuum fittings are 32mm diameter while most portable vacuums are 35mm.

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TK4 Max-Flo™ Turbo Brush